Limited time only - HUGE savings on Snowman Kits - No code needed - While Supplies Last

Limited time only - HUGE savings on Snowman Kits - No code needed - While Supplies Last

How to Use

We designed our Snowman Mold to be intuitive and easy to use. But here at Snow Creations, we're visual learners, so we've provided some step by step clips to show you how it's done. We've added quite a few below; depending on your internet connection, it may take a minute or two for all the images to load. We promise it's worth it!


Expand the snowman mold and flatten out a building area

 We've found it useful to flatten out an area first where you'll build your snowman. Great resources for snow are the snow off your driveway and sidewalk (you're going to shovel it anyways!). Plus, you don't have to worry about digging into your grass. Be aware of your surroundings and use caution if conditions are icy.

pack the snowman mold with snow and pat lightly

As you build your snowman using the snowman mold, it helps to pat the snow down every couple of shovels. Do not pack too tight, as it is can damage the product. Simply gently pat down the snow as you fill.

do this two more times with the middle and head pieces

With each piece you add, continue to lightly pack the snow. Ensure the velcro is attached to help you keep the mold in place. Before the big reveal, we recommend doing a final light pack around the full snowman to ensure all snow is in place.

reveal your snow creation by unzipping

The big reveal! Use the zippers to unzip the mold and slowly pull the snowman mold away from your snowman. 

smooth out the snowman

Smooth out your snowman with a light touch of your glove for an even finish.



Look for the zipper: Each section of the snowman mold has a special piece of velcro to keep the zipper closed. Sometimes this can get covered with snow and may require the need to slightly tilt the snowball up to undo. The bottom piece of the snowman mold has a large Velcro section which makes it easy to undo.
Use caution: Know when you are getting too cold and go inside for rests. Be sure to wear proper clothing for warmth and protection from snow and use caution around areas that may have ice. 
Make your own decorations: We offer fun, colorful decorations to mix and match with your snow creation, but that shouldn't stop you from being even more creative! Print off or create your own and send us a photo of your creation! This is a great exercise to do inside as a family before you head out to create or during a hot chocolate break.
Snow Creations Decorations: Our decorations are water resistant, not waterproof. This means eventually they will show wear and fade. Remember to retrieve your snow decorations and the snow pegs when your snowman has melted so you can save them for another time. 

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