Limited time only - HUGE savings on Snowman Kits - No code needed - While Supplies Last

Limited time only - HUGE savings on Snowman Kits - No code needed - While Supplies Last

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 Built with a snowman mold from Snow Creations

What is a Snow Creations Snowman Mold?
Our snowman mold is a tool, similar to a shovel and bucket for building a sandcastle, that can help families of all shapes and sizes create a snowman. It comes in handy when snow isn't optimal for rolling and stacking, in areas that don't quite get enough snow and in times when snow is too fluffy or wet. It also works great if you live in the big city or have a smaller yard which makes it difficult to roll out larger snowballs. Plus, families that have a family member who wants to help build a snowman but can't stack or roll heavy snowballs have an opportunity to create snowmen together with the snowman mold.

What's the Snowman Mold made of?
Our snowman mold is made from a durable nylon material which makes it easy to clean and wipe dry after use. It features large, durable zippers strategically placed to help you reveal your snowman and large velcro strips to secure the three snowman mold pieces together. 

What else can I make with the Snowman Mold?
This is the exciting part, your imagination is the limit! We've seen snow worms, snow forts, snow dogs and cats, even a full front yard with a snow family. Add multiple Snowman Molds to your order and see what you can do with double pieces!

What are the Snowman Decorations?
Our snowman decorations are printed on water-resistant recyclable cardboard. Simply pop them out the sheet, add a snow peg and stick into the snowman. We designed our decorations to add a pop of color to your snow creation, so they look great in selfies and can be seen from further away on the street. 

Do you offer specialty accommodations for schools, day cares, resorts and other institutions?
Yes! Head over to the Contact Us page and let us know your goals. We'll work with you on putting together the right package so your customers, big or small, can enjoy building a snowman.

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